Dedicated software for compensation management

With all probability, your company is already using an HR management solution to manage its most valuable asset: people. TCM software will plug into your system, and help you make your employees more motivated by facilitating the planning and controlling of your compensation packages.

Total Compensation Management

What is Total Compensation Management ?

Total Compensation Management tools make it easy for your company to manage compensation plans across the organization's structures, such as its departments and branches. Relying solely on your HR management software can be suboptimal if you're using a more complex, multi-level compensation strategy that spans across multiple teams. Such a complex strategy may involve base salary management, bonuses for your client acquisition teams, long- and short-term financial incentives, and similar salary related-calculations crucial to the satisfaction of all your employees. Pay rise calculations, employee bonuses, deferred compensation for any given vesting period - the TCM software is capable of doing all that, and more. TCM helps you make informed business decisions, adjusted to your unique hierarchy, be it a matrix, swarm, or tribe one.

Who is this for ?

SMB, large, and enterprise-size organizations willing to shift their attention to generating profit, instead of bothering with administrative duties. Business Process Automation solutions eliminate ineffective practices within your organization. All the tasks that formerly required manual work (often with Excel spreadsheets, outdated systems, or even a notebook) can be organised and executed just as effectively with the help of software.

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We use automation to help you cut costs, increase profits, and save time. We turn software into value. Our solutions take care of the most repetitive tasks so that your employees don't have to. Instead, they can focus on things that bring more value to your company. All the while, you have total oversight and insight into what's happening.

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