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By now, your company has most definitely moved from analog to digital. From documents, to workflows, to calculations - software is the way to go. It's safer, faster, and more convenient for all parties involved. The next step is to let automation take the wheel.

Business Intelligence

What is Business Intelligence ?

Originally described by Howard Dresner as the knowledge gained through the access and analysis of business information, today Business Intelligence (or BI for short) serves as an umbrella term for a combination of data-based analytical solutions. It still retains the interdisciplinary character formerly associated with the term. Business Intelligence systems collect, segment, filter, analyse, and present vital business information in an easy-to-digest form. You're likely to be very familiar with most of the tools constituting a BI environment: these are your analytical platforms, business infrastructure software, and visualisation solutions that utilise graphs, dashboards, and single-click drill downs. The essence of the BI solution granted by GGS is its comprehensive nature. The goal is to make sure that you can access all the important metrics and information in one place, presented in a visually appealing form.

Who is this for ?

Every large company willing to monitor the many numbers related to its operations, and make informed decisions based on these observations. The insights provided by Business Intelligence tools help organizations place themselves in the wider business context and see what actions should be taken to achieve specific goals.

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We use automation to help you cut costs, increase profits, and save time. We turn software into value. Our solutions take care of the most repetitive tasks so that your employees don't have to. Instead, they can focus on things that bring more value to your company. All the while, you have total oversight and insight into what's happening.

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